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OSHA Posting Deadline Reminder!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

How many of you business owners have this posted at your work site - the OSHA 300A form? It’s a legal requirement per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that provides a report on how many serious injuries or illnesses occurred in the prior year at your worksite.

Even if you had NO serious injuries or illnesses the prior year, you must complete the form and post it at your work site. Putting it up along with your other employment labor law posters is a good spot! It is to be posted between from February 1 to April 30th. The purpose for this public reporting is to inform your employees of the types of serious injuries and illnesses that occurred in the prior year at their place of employment.

If you don’t know what I am talking about – that might be okay if your business employs 10 or less employees or if you are in a low-risk industry. If you have 20 or more employees, you are also required to electronically submit the OSHA 300A Form to OSHA with the prior year’s information by March 2nd of that following year.

The OSHA reporting goes hand-in-hand with your Workers’ Compensation reporting. After you have filed a claim for Workers’ Compensation, you need to make sure you are capturing that information on the OSHA 300 Form. This form is a record of all of your workplace injuries or illnesses that required more than first aid. The information on the OSHA 300 Form is what you use to tabulate the OSHA 300A Form that is then posted at your work site. Remember, if you have more than 20 or more employees, you must also electronically submit the OSHA 300A Form to OSHA by March 2nd.

If you would like to help with this or any other Workers’ Compensation or OSHA issue, contact me and I will be happy to be of assistance: 316 -677-7981

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Dawn Monroe Training

Eileen has a fantastic model to supply small businesses with Human Resource needs. She'll help with policies, compliance, hiring, firing - all in the scope of what your business needs - without having a full-time HR employee. Get what you want, when you want it. I find myself seeking out her no-nonsense approach to solving business problems. Highly recommend Eileen as a business partner and HR professional.

Fastenair Corporation

We are a 58 year old family owned business with an established culture that had never had a company policy handbook. Eileen brought us a comprehensive product that we could edit to fit our culture and implied policies while retaining all of the state and federal guidelines to keep us compliant. It was exactly what we were looking for and it fit well within our budget. Eileen took the time to learn about us. She researched our industry. She educated us about employment law and helped us iron out the kinks in areas where we had options. We are very happy with the final product. I look forward to working with Eileen in the future and would highly recommend HRx Consulting to any small business.


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HR is a skill-set in which we know we need guidance. Eileen is a wonderful person to provide that navigational expertise. She is patient and thorough, and is willing to explain it until it's understood. She helped us with some stumbling blocks, and has made us a better employer for it.

Shawna Dennett
Wichita Habitat for Humanity couldn't have found a better person to guide the development of our strategic plan, performance management program and annual compensation analysis. Eileen provides clear direction, tough love and grace, effective procedures and templates, quick responses, well-rounded knowledge and all with a generous, affable personality. Highly recommend HRx Consulting!

Gina Stuchlik
I met Eileen at a Business Networking Group, I had some of my own questions regarding my business and how to approach and handle certain issues. I felt it appropriate to get an outside source as well. She had wonderful ideas on how to continue. She had great advice and really took the time to appropriately assess and guide me through!! She is an amazing person! I would highly recommend her!

Ann Fox
As a small non-profit, we must rely on consulting support to work through Human Resource issues. HRx Consulting truly understands the non-profit environment and has delivered wise counsel, mediation services and technical assistance, all at a reasonable cost. Eileen McNichol brings an upbeat and encouraging attitude, and an incredible ability to communicate clearly and directly on tough topics. With her help, we've implemented a strategic planning framework that aligns individual performance goals to our strategic priorities. We had floundered in making progress in this arena. Her coaching made all the difference. I recommend HRx without hesitation. Ann Fox, Executive Director, Wichita Habitat for Humanity

Lee Gray
I recommend Eileen for her expertise, patience and total understanding of the HR function. I have referred clients to HRx Consulting and have been extremely pleased with the results. She knows the HR law and she puts a human element to the sometimes technical side of HR (like the handbook, job descriptions, hiring etc....) Give her a call if you need to hire, or you want, a policy or procedure manual.

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