Co-Sourcing Partnerships or Special Projects

Co-Sourcing Partnerships:

HRx Consulting, LLC co-sourcing partnerships provide external expertise for your organization to collaborate with you to ensure you're doing everything you need to for your employees and for the protection of your business.  


There are many functions that can be ”outsourced”, e.g. payroll, bookkeeping or IT, but for those matters that impact your employees, the work environment and those associated risks to your business i.e. your HR headaches…they should be co-sourced so you’re not completely removed.  


HRx Consulting, LLC will conduct a thorough HR Compliance Audit and Talent Management Review, based upon the size of your organization and per your business needs, we will provide you monthly HR services.  


This is a great way for small to mid-size businesses to have access to HR expertise at a fraction of the cost and responsibility of an additional employee! 


Find out how HRx Consulting, LLC can help cure your HR headaches


Special Projects:


When you have a need for some help completing or tackling a special project, HRx Consulting, LLC can help!


For example: FLSA Audits; Handbook or Policy Creation or Editing; Title VII Investigations; Strategic Planning and Goal Development; Supervisor Training; Compliance Training; etc.     


Find out how HRx Consulting, LLC can help cure your HR headaches

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