This is what it is ALL about – the secret to your success:  

Your Employees/Talent!  

First is Planning

  • Do you know the skills and competencies required for your success?

  • Do you have the employees with those skills and competencies?

    • ​If not, how are you addressing that?

Then is Doing

  • Attraction– Finding the right talent is important!​​

    • Why would anyone want to come work for you?

    • What sets you apart?

    • What can you do for them?

  • Retention– Keeping good employees is even more important!

    • Why would anyone stay working with you?

    • What have you done for them?

  • Engagement– Makes ALL the difference! 

    • Do they feel valued?   How?

    • What makes them go the extra mile for you?

HRx Consulting, LLC will help you with:

  • Competency Identification

  • Skill gap assessments

  • Job Description reviews

  • Job Posting Development

  • Job Posting Sourcing

  • Selection Assistance 

  • On-Boarding/Orientation

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Development

  • Total Compensation Enhancement

  • Employee Recognition

Let’s pull this all together – so you have the Talent you need to succeed!